Become an active citizen!

Through the e-polis application, you can easily and quickly make your requests and find out what is happening in your Municipality.

Application benefits for users

  • Instant access to services and information available at any time.
  • Saving time for citizens through the automation of processes.
  • Enhance the public participation through polls and forums.

What you can do with the application?

Reports on problems

Submit an online application for everyday problems, and be informed about its progress. The officials of the Municipality will be informed about your request and will undertake its processing.

Indicative Functions

  1. View the necessary documents for each possible application.
  2. Choose the type of problem that citizens encounter in their daily lives (e.g., potholes, rubbish, damage, etc.).
  3. Select a problem location.
  4. Optional addition of short description.
  5. Take a photo.
  6. Receive a message/email about the progress of the request (Resolved / Pending).
  7. Automated routing to the relevant department and municipal employee.

Decisions of Municipal Councils

Search easily and quickly all the decisions of the Municipal Councils and inform about important news, announcements, and events of your Municipality.

Indicative Functions

  1. Submission of comments for decisions of the Municipality.
  2. Receive an email for issues concerning the Municipality.
  3. Search for decisions based on appropriate criteria and combinational filters in the form of reports and documents.

Conducting public opinion polls

Take part in the daily issues that concern you and express your opinion through short public opinion polls. The Municipality can, through the application, conduct public opinion polls, allowing you to contribute to decision making.

Cooperative Democracy

Receive access to information and political processes of the Municipality, actively participating in the management of local affairs. The Municipality has the opportunity, through the application, to conduct consultations for proposals and decisions that it wants to promote and requests your participation.