The utilization of the Municipal property is an essential source of income for the Municipality. Through artificial intelligence tools, the “Real Property” aims to organize, monitor, and improve the management of privately owned and leased real estate belonging to the Municipality and property rights in public areas, infrastructure, and all types of networks.


Identification and formulation of the appropriate strategy for the exploitation and utilization of municipal real estate.

An intelligent tool for recording data and extracting detailed reports for decision making.

Control of the effective management of the properties and the actions of the competent department of the Municipality.

Indicative Functions

  • Import and store all data (descriptive and geometric) of municipal real estate and user management in a database that is spatially activated.
  • Easy access and visualization of records to edit geographical coordinates. Each recording point is displayed in a map environment (GIS), and each property is accompanied by photos, videos, drawings, topographies.
  • Monitor leases/rentals through a user-friendly interface.
  • Creation of a computerized and neat Municipal Cadastre with digital records and categories.

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Τhe recent environmental and health crises created new needs for the citizens and the Municipalities. Coordinated action at the municipal level is now required for crisis management and interconnection with citizens.

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Direct communication with the Municipality where you live, easy submission of a request, and monitoring its resolution process. The application gives you the opportunity to be informed and participate, through polls and consultations, in decisions that concern you.

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Digitally manage all daily processes. The platform offers easy and fast information and statistics for better-informed decision-making and better service to citizens.