e-polis platform of municipality of Piraeus.


The integrated digital platform e-polis within the framework of the project “Smart electronic platform of the Municipality of Piraeus for smart and friendly governance, smart city guidance, consultation and accountability of local development and social policies” developed and delivered to the Municipality of Piraeus includes a series of subsystems aiming at collecting, monitoring, analyzing, processing and visualizing data on a map of the area producing graphs & interactive tables, collected by extracting aggregated statistics and graphs for the data and information they manage, produce and process.

The platform has the following Management services:
Urban Green

Real estate of the municipality

Street Lighting and Building Lighting Resources

Citizens’ requests

Business licensing of licensed public areas and fees of the Municipality

Declassification of areas and roads

Digital consulting services

Strategic Business Intelligence

Indicatively, the following are the capabilities of the unified platform of the Municipality of Piraeus:

  • Visualization of city resources on geospatial data (GIS).
  • Management of urban green areas, trees and vegetation elements.
  • Recording and analysis of his/her real estate.
  • Monitoring and management of the power consumption of Street Lighting Resources and public buildings by using appropriate sensors on their panels and informing about any damages.
  • Use of data received from third-party applications that manage street lighting and building lighting resources (e.g. consumptions, damages, etc.), combined with data from other applications, for decision making.
  • Monitoring citizens’ requests related to issues such as electric lighting, roads, municipal facilities, greenery, waste bins and abandoned vehicles.
  • Monitoring and management of land use permits submitted to the competent service of the Municipality as well as the process of electronic licensing of businesses for stores of sanitary and non-sanitary interest.
  • Organization and processing of sensor measurement data, which are then displayed on a dashboard, as well as on a map of the area with the help of historical measurements, statistical graphs.

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On the occasion of the recent environmental and health crises, new needs have been created for citizens and municipalities. Coordinated action at municipal level is now required to manage crises and connect with citizens.

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Direct communication with the Municipality where you live, easy submission of a request and monitoring of the course of its resolution. The application gives you the opportunity to be informed and participate, through polls and consultations, in decisions that concern you.

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Digitally manage all daily processes. The platform offers easy and fast extraction of information and statistics for informed decision-making and better service to citizens.