Green spaces in Municipalities play a crucial role in climate change. The digital recording of the quantity and quality of urban green areas, as well as their proper management, contributes to the improvement of the air quality, the regulation of the microclimate, the change of the temperature (increase during the cold months, decrease during the hot ones), the reduction of noise pollution and to their use as places of leisure and sports for the citizens.


Identification of free spaces that can be converted into new green spaces.

Making the right decisions in the practice of forestry with the ultimate goal of adapting Municipalities to climate change.

Improving the quality of life of citizens and the sustainability of green spaces.

Indicative Functions

  • Recording of data by the employees of the Municipality for each green space with the possibility of selecting a detailed description of each element of vegetation and infrastructure.
  • Manage processes such as planning maintenance, adding or replacing trees, and calculating corresponding costs.
  • Export of environmental data (oxygen emission, CO2 capture) and calculation of the impact of urban green on the reduction of air pollution.
  • Calculation of the percentage of green participation in the total area of each Municipality and correlation of the green with population data (ratio of green per inhabitant).
  • Extension of functionality in an application for mobile devices.

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Τhe recent environmental and health crises created new needs for the citizens and the Municipalities. Coordinated action at the municipal level is now required for crisis management and interconnection with citizens.

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