Sustainable redesign of public lighting is internationally a strategy of Municipalities, as the cost is very high and public light pollution has environmental consequences. The subsystem “Electricity” focuses on recording, displaying, and managing public street lighting elements, intending to collect and process data for immediate decision-making.


Enhancement of the viability of the Municipality through energy savings and financial resources.

Improvement of the quality of lighting and provision of greater security to citizens.

Immediate evaluation of public lighting through the visualization of data and performance indicators.

Indicative Functions

  • Geographical presentation and categorization of the installed elements of the electricity network on a cartographic material.
  • Recording electrical equipment such as pillars, building control panels, lighting columns, lamps, etc.
  • System power supply with data from third-party IoT systems that manage resources related to street lighting to store and analyze data recorded for energy consumption, failures, etc.
  • Statistical analysis and processing of data obtained from third party systems to produce performance measurement indicators for decision making.
  • Warehouse information and inventory control of street lighting materials.
  • Extension of functionality in an application for mobile devices.

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Τhe recent environmental and health crises created new needs for the citizens and the Municipalities. Coordinated action at the municipal level is now required for crisis management and interconnection with citizens.

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