Living in urban centers is characterized by citizens spending most of their daily lives inside buildings. “Sustainable Buildings (BMS)” is a system for managing and monitoring the performance of building equipment such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, security devices, IoT sensors, energy and gas meters, etc., with the aim of energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.


Provision of ideal conditions of comfort and safety to the citizens during the use of the building.

Saving energy and reduce carbon emissions to combat climate change.

Early detection of technical problems in a system (lighting, temperature, etc.) and diagnosis of possible causes.

Indicative Functions

  • Collection and analysis of large volumes of data from sensors, thermostats, etc., for effective forecasting of the operation of buildings
  • Visualize data through a user-friendly interface for instant decision making
  • Automation of settings that control the conditions in the building
  • Building management staff alert tool for issues that can be fixed automatically

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Τhe recent environmental and health crises created new needs for the citizens and the Municipalities. Coordinated action at the municipal level is now required for crisis management and interconnection with citizens.

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Direct communication with the Municipality where you live, easy submission of a request, and monitoring its resolution process. The application gives you the opportunity to be informed and participate, through polls and consultations, in decisions that concern you.

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Digitally manage all daily processes. The platform offers easy and fast information and statistics for better-informed decision-making and better service to citizens.