Interconnection of e-polis with third party systems

The e-polis platform has the capability of interconnection and interoperability with third party information systems. The electronic platform allows easy communication and interconnection with third-party applications, devices, sensors and energy meters, in order to meet possible future needs of the Municipality.


Interconnected infrastructure of the Municipality with easy access by the executives of the Municipality.

Facilitate the implementation of eGovernment and its adoption by the public sector.

Satisfaction of the communication needs of the Municipality with the citizen, organizations and businesses.

Indicative Functions

  • Interconnection of software, sensors, functions and “smart city” equipment.
  • Provision and exploitation of information and digital content by third systems.
  • Visualization of the data obtained.
  • Connection of the platform with the existing and future services of the Municipality.

Access the platform now

On the occasion of the recent environmental and health crises, new needs have been created for citizens and municipalities. Coordinated action at municipal level is now required to manage crises and connect with citizens.

Are you a citizen?

Direct communication with the Municipality where you live, easy submission of a request and monitoring of the course of its resolution. The application gives you the opportunity to be informed and participate, through polls and consultations, in decisions that concern you.

Are you in charge of the Municipality?

Digitally manage all daily processes. The platform offers easy and fast extraction of information and statistics for informed decision-making and better service to citizens.